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DMXBy now most of you have seen or heard about DMX’s appearance on Iyanla Vanzant’s show “Fix My Life” which appears on the OWN network. I must say, starting a new season with a show like this was a great way to get ratings through the roof! I am a fan of Iyanla Vanzant. I don’t always agree with what she says or her approach to some things but I like her. She stays true to who she is and one can’t do nothing more than respect that.

This may come as a surprise but I’m a DMX fan also. I have been since he first came on the scene. His music brings back fond college memories for me. Most people don’t know that DMX is one of the best-selling Hip-Hop artist of all time, selling more than 30 million records worldwide.

DMX has been a troubled soul since the beginning of his existence which is why his behavior on the show was not surprising to me . At a young age DMX’s weed was laced with another drug that made him lose his mind…literally. Ever since then, his days have been filled with chaos. From drug abuse, rape charges and jail time, DMX has managed to stay in the public lime light without any recent hit records.

My heart bleeds for “X” as it does for the millions of people that suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. During the show, I saw the love DMX has for his son. I saw the hurt in his eyes and I saw him choose his addiction rather than a relationship with his son. It was quite a sad encounter which is why I #SupportDMX!

I know first hand the devastation that addiction can bring to family’s. There are many people that don’t see addiction as a disease but a choice. I beg to differ. I appreciated what Iyanla said to Xavier, DMX’s son. She offered him an opportunity to view his father as the wounded, diseased vessel that he is. And she was right! People suffering serious addictions like “X” cannot be expected to function as non-diseased people.

We must have compassion for people like DMX. That does not mean that we need to enable them or should accept the erratic behavior which is sure to happen. Sometimes loving them from a distance is the best compassion and solution of all. Drug and alcohol abuse is a very common problem these days. Chicago alone has hundreds of alcohol and drug abuse treatment centers. DMX’s story is like many people except he’s a celebrity and we’ll hear about his more often than the man on the nearest corner.

DMX represents the men I see everyday, on the street, reeking of the drugs and/or alcohol that have consumed their lives. It’s a problem we can’t ignore. Instead of bashing our people, we need to lift them up, in prayer and encouragement. If we don’t, then young men like Xavier, DMX’s son, suffer and tend to walk the same lines of influence. And that generational curse continues. I’m glad Xavier got it right. My heart and prayers are with Earl “DMX” Simmons, his family and those around this world who suffer like him.


Do you know anyone with an addiction? How has it affected your life?


Jaxx Sheard

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